The Worlds Most Immersive Virtual Reality Cricket is Coming to MEO

Published on Aug 21, 2019

Calling all cricket fans! We’re excited to share that the world’s most immersive virtual reality cricket, iB Cricket, is coming to the Melbourne Esports Open! Everyone is welcome to have a bash over the weekend in the JB Hi-Fi Game On Zone in Melbourne Arena, all you need is a ticket to MEO to play. Check below for all the details on how iB Cricket at MEO will work.

Tournament Format
Leaderboard tournament, all the participants register and play a Super Over.
Prizes are awarded to top scores over the event days.

9:00am – 6:00pm

How to play
Every player gets to play one over (6 balls) in iB Cricket which takes around 3 to 5 minutes.  Every time the bowler bowls the ball, whether or not it is hit by the player, a tally is counted. Once a bowler has bowled the ball 6 times, an “over” is declared 

Goal: The goal of cricket is to score points, called runs, against the opposing team. Using the flat side of the electronic cricket bat, the player can attempt to hit the ball.

Scoring Runs: If the player hits the ball out of bounds and the ball bounced at least once on its way out, 4 runs are awarded automatically. If the ball doesn’t bounce before it landed out of bounds, 6 runs are awarded instead. Additionally, 1 run or 2 runs are awarded even if the fielders catch the ball (after it hits the ground at least once) depending on the distance that the ball goes. 

Dismissals: If the bowler manages to directly hit the wicket on a bowl and break it, the player is considered out “bowled.” A player is “caught out” if a member of the fielding team catches it before it hits the ground. The players are allowed to get dismissed up to 3 times.