Open Tournaments

This year, open tournaments at the Melbourne Esports Open are expanding to take over Melbourne Arena, Margaret Court Arena, and Grand Slam Oval, for Australia’s biggest weekend of competitive gaming. The best bit? If you have a ticket to MEO, you can join any of our open tournaments across the weekend for free, and win some awesome prizes!



Achieve Victory Royale in Fortnite open tournaments at MEO 2019! Play with your pals or join PUGs in sessions across the weekend on the Fortnite Stage in Margaret Court Arena. All you need is a ticket to MEO to compete!



Begin your watch at the Melbourne Esports Open with Overwatch open tournaments! Put together a squad and fight your way to victory in a variety of map types over the weekend.



Minecraft makes its return to MEO in 2019 with a variety of gameplay modes, including build and PVP competitions. Show off your creativity or gather your mates and knock their block off!


Halo: Master Chief Collection – Halo 3

Gather your mates and battle for bragging rights, as we finish the fight at MEO 2019! Join the Halo 3 Free for all open tournaments for some awesome prizes! Battle for highest frags throughout the qualification period to play in the finals against the best spartans Melbourne has to offer.

– FFA Tournament / Freeplay | Saturday & Sunday
– Qualification rounds: 9:00am – 4:00pm
– Finals: 4:00pm
– Melbourne Arena